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Developer Blog Entry #3

Third’s the charm? Right? Well, I hope that’s the case when it comes to the third issue I found. This time, the issue doesn’t affect camera drones or their respective gimbals. This time around the problem is with a totally different micro niche inside the drone markets. As you all probably know, drones are mainly divided into 2 different sections: photography drones and racing drones.


Given the fact that cca 75% of modern day drones are specifically made for aerial photography, it comes as no surprise that racing drones are standing as a bit forgotten part of the industry. Still, many people enjoy them and consider drone racing a fully fledged hobby… and I wouldn’t want my software to be unusable for them. That’s why I have to go drink some more coffee, take a smoke break and start drilling this shit!

Developer Blog Entry #2

After finally getting over the camera issue that I was having last week, now I have stumbled upon an even bigger one. This time around, my software cannot successfully detect the specific type of gimbal the drone has attached. This is, of course, not a huge problem since a lot of drones do not even come with these. But still, I am looking to create a software that is suitable with 99% of drones nowadays, so I have to make this work. Plus, drones for GoPro’s are among the most expensive ones on the market, so I would not like to miss the opportunity to monetize my efforts further, with the help of my software that could aid these models.

As was the case last time out, there was a simple punctuation error that was causing my code to malfunction, so I sincerely hope that will prove to be the case with this issue as well. Only time will tell… With this being said, I would like to get back to work right away so I’ll just leave it at that!

Developer Blog Entry #1

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Welcome to my first ever blog post. As all beginnings, this one is difficult for me since I don’t know how to start off with things. That’s why I decided to cut to the chase and start telling you about my work without any noticeable introduction.

First of all, It’s been two weeks now since I’ve started working on my newest project. I decided the name BIRDSi should be appropriate. Get it? Birds Eye? BIRDSi? OK, I shall not make puns anymore…

So yeah, today, I’ve encountered my first real issue. I cannot get my code to work on drones with cameras. Most of these drones have either built-in or dedicated action cameras, and something is not working correctly on my backend. I’ve been trying to figure it out for about 12 hours now, without any pauses. I’ve drunk 5 cups of coffee and I can feel the caffeine kicking in like crazy. My brain cells are working at 110% but I am still not anywhere near the solution. Tough luck, I guess…