As you could probably assume from the tagline of my humble website, this is a personal developer blog. My name is Vince Brides and I am proud to inform all of you that I work as a professional freelancer. I specialize in backend developing and am currently working on a huge personal project. I’m looking to create an automated software for DIY drones that could allow them to fly autonomously. You can find more information regarding this topic on the Developer’s Blog section on this website.

I decided to make this page in late 2016 after my professional freelancing career came to a brief pause. Primarily, I plan on using this site to drive traffic and land new job opportunities as well as create long-term relationships with future clients.

Your satisfaction is of utter importance to me as a freelancer, which is why I always make sure to deliver top quality work within given deadlines. If you have anything you’d like to talk to me about, make sure you visit the Contact Me page to see my contact details.

Vince Brides